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Fordham University | Ticketing

Fordham University | Ticketing

Rose Hill Mock Trial Fall Invitation Season Fall 2019

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Fordham Mock Trial at Rose Hill is a nationally ranked, competitive extracurricular activity open to all Fordham College and Gabelli School of Business undergraduate students. At its core, Mock Trial aims to provide undergraduate students at Fordham with the ability to explore the field of law. We hope to give our team members an appreciation for, and an understanding, of law.

Each year, the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) provides mock trial teams around the country with case materials detailing either a civil suit or criminal indictment. Included in these materials are various case law, witness depositions, and exhibits. All of this is extensively examined by Fordham Mock Trial members in order to craft a convincing case theory that is built using direct and cross-examinations, and opening and closing statements. After this, our team will participate in an Invitational Season, where we will compete against other schools at tournaments across the nation. This Invitational Season lasts throughout the Fall Semester and partially into the Spring Semester. Once complete, we begin our Competition Season, where we participate in both regional and hopefully national tournaments.

Over the past five years, Fordham Mock Trial at Rose Hill has become increasingly successful and as such we’ve been able to consistently rise in the national rankings, rising over 100 in total. This has given our team the ability to attend much more prestigious and competitive tournaments than ever before. Attending these tournaments allows our team to be better prepared for our Competition Season and has been vital for our improvement. However, while these new tournaments serve as great opportunities for our team, they have also increased our costs.

Fordham University only allocates a set amount of money to our team each semester. Until now, through bake sales and other fundraisers, we have been able to support our increasing costs. However, even with the three other fundraisers, we have run this semester, we are very close to running out of funding. We’re asking you to donate so that we can continue to send our members to the best possible tournaments. Every donation, no matter the size, will be highly appreciated and will bring our team one step closer to being one of the nation’s primer Mock Trial organizations.

Thank you so much!

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